• What Is The Purpose Of Slide Views?

    Slide Views are used to view slides in four different modes such as Normal. Slide Sorter, Reading and Slide Show.

  • What Are Placeholders?

    Placeholders are the areas on the slide that are enclosed by dotted borders.

  • What Is The Slide Shorter View?

    In this view, one can see slides in a shorter view. Therefore one has the facility to view all of the slides in a single view.

  • What Is The Slide Show View?

    This is the view that will be shown to the audience. This view also provides an additional menu when one hovers on it.

  • Creating a Presentation

    PowerPoint presentation can be created in two ways as follows Blank Presentation Using a Templates

  • Line Spacing

    Line Spacing is used to adjust the space between paragraphs on the PowerPoint slides to fit more lines in a text box

  • Convert to SmartArt

    The last button in the paragraph section of the Home tab is Convert to SmartArt.This button will give more options to create a different look for the PowerPoint slides.

  • Checking and Correcting Spelling

    User can check the spelling in a presentation with a menu option. While typing a word, a misspelled words and grammar mistake words are underlined with a red line or green line below the word.

  • Making Notes Master

    The Notes are used to remember key points during a presentation in every slide.

  • WordArt Styles

    In the WordArt Styles, user can change the text style, text color, text outline color and text effects.