• What is an Electronic mail

    Electronic mail is a method of sending a message from one computer to another computer through internet.The first E-mail was sent by Ray Tomlinson in the year 1971.

  • Types of E-mail

    E-mails can be sent to single or group of people. There are three types of E-mails, Marketing E-mails. Notification E-mails and. Transactional E-mails

  • Marketing E-mail

    Electronic marketing is a method to send commercial messages to a group of people using E-mail.Marketing E-mails motivate user clients and leads.

  • Notification E-mail

    Notification E-mail allows the user to notify every particular event happens.They are also known as Trigger.More generally, the notification E-mail may be used in order to celebrate or mark an event like promotions, mela etc.

  • Transactional E-mails

    Transactional E-mail can be used in Business transactions.This E-mail is an expected information that the client wishes to check or confirm

  • E-mail Addressing

    An E-mail address is same as postal address.E-mail address identifies an “E-mail box” to which E-mail messages are to be delivered.An e-mail address is composed of several elements, for example "rock@example.com".

  • Configuring E-mail client

    First step is to configure E-mail client so that user can manage to access mails with the client.An E-mail client is a computer program used to access and manage user's Email.

  • Mailbox

    The Mailbox is an area in memory or on a storage device where e-mail is placed.In e-mail systems, each user has a private mailbox. When the user receives email, the mail system automatically puts it in the mailbox.

  • Inbox

    The Inbox is a collection of recent mails by user which is available to read, answer, store or delete.

  • Outbox

    The outbox is where outgoing e-mail messages are temporarily stored.While composing a message, most mail programs automatically save a draft message in the outbox.

  • Advance E-mail features

    User can Edit the style sheet of the E-mail by Customize fonts and colors, change the width of columns and add personal classes and preview and test the changes by sending a sample E-mail to their own.

  • Activating spell checking

    The spell check feature corrects spelling mistakes on forms, including web-based E-mail messages, discussion forums, and even intranet web applications.

  • RTF

    Rich Text Format is a document format that is readable by most word processors.The RTF file is a plain text file representation of a formatted document.

  • PDF

    Portable Document Format is a file format that preserves all of the fonts, formatting, colors, and graphics of a document.

  • Handling SPAM

    SPAM is an E-mail that contains unwanted content and/or solicitations of a nature that is considered vulgar and/or offensive by most people, and may also be fraudulent and/or dangerous.